Pre-shipment inspection is a part of supply chain management and an important quality control method for checking the quality of goods bought by clients. Inspection at the pre-shipment stage helps ensure that items being shipped complies with governing purchase order, contract, and specification. Pre-shipment inspection is agreed upon between a buyer, a supplier and a bank and can be used to initiate payment for the letter of credit

Pre-shipment Inspection is a critical step prior to the shipment of items from suppliers worldwide. Before the items are shipped out, it is essential to perform an inspection to minimize the risk of loss due to nonconforming items, incorrect quantities, inadequate packing, pre-shipment damages, and missing shipment documents. Inspection during loading and unloading of cargo items onto trucks, ships or vessels is an integral part of the pre-shipment inspection to ensure no damages occur during this process and the items are loaded and placed onto vessel as per the client instruction or requirement.

SEACORR Engineering provides pre-shipment inspection services on behalf of clients, in UAE and all over the world. Items are inspected for visual condition, quantity check, packing as per client instruction and document review pre-shipment. Items can also be witnessed during the loading and unloading of items into ship vessel to ensure no damage is caused due to mishandling during the loading/unloading of the shipment process.

Pre-shipment inspection is carried out for materials such as pipes & plates, bulk items such as compressors, generators, turbines, etc. Pre-shipment inspection reduces risks inherent to fraud.

SEACORR Engineering has provided pre-shipment inspection on behalf of major reputed Third Party Inspection companies such as DNV GL, Lloyds Register and ABSG in countries like UAE, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), China, Indonesia, India, Italy, Belgium, UK, Spain, and USA.

Backed by decades of combined experience in the industry, our team consists of highly skilled and trained professionals with certification to conduct a comprehensive inspection of goods to enable proper identification prior to shipment with regard to:

  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Tariff classification
  • Import eligibility
  • Export market price and/or valuation for customs purposes

Our comprehensive process of pre-shipment inspection allows the correct assessment of customs duties and taxes or the shipment value. Our services serve as an important support for ensuring compliance with the government rules with the WTO Agreement on Customs Valuation.

Reasons To Get a Pre Shipment Inspection

During the pre shipment inspection, it gives our clients the peace of mind that the order has been filled successfully before it is dispatched and the documentation is complete. In today’s modern world, more and more businesses are doing business with other companies across the world. While this offers great opportunities, it also presents real risks. For the buyers or sellers of goods to or from the UAE, it is important for businesses to ensure the specifications they’ve agreed upon are in fact met. At SEACORR Engineering Services LLC, we aim to help businesses prevent the risk of improperly filled orders by taking the necessary precautions.

  • Your order is filled successfully before it’s dispatched
  • Proper verification of quality at the source
  • The supplier meet all agreed-upon specifications
  • Avoid any kind of costly import risks
  • Avoid returns and protect your brand’s image

The SEACORR Difference

When you need the best agency for reliable pre shipment inspection services, SEACORR Engineering Services LLC is sure to be the best pick as we have a team of certified and highly trained professionals with experience in the field. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you have a clear idea about the product quality before it is shipped to the destination. We send our team of professionals ad engineers for on-site pre shipment inspections for you. Here is how we can help:

  • In-Line inspection – The goal of our n-line focus method is to ensure the quality of the product being shipped by inspecting the production line/raw materials. We aim to ensure that there are no problems that can result in defective end products.
  • Initial Production Inspection – This is another type of pre shipment inspection service offered to clients across UAE and other countries that are conducted at the beginning of the production cycle when up to 20% of goods are produced. The engineers will first inspect the end products and then traces back any problems in the production method of the raw materials.
  • During Production Inspection – As the name suggests, this is a type of inspection that is based on a ‘top-down’ approach and this is done when the product cycle is about 20- 40% complete and product packing has started.
  • Final Random Inspection – Once the product is ready and it is being packed for shipment, a detailed random inspection will be performed to check the quality, quantity and packaging conformity as per samples and specifications.

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