SEACORR Engineering provides vendor evaluation service on behalf of clients to ensure their supply chain budgets and delivery targets are met.

Vendor evaluation involves checking the capability and integrity of the manufacturer or supplier to meet the order requirement as per client expectation. The vendor is evaluated based on criteria like the capability to supply certain order quantities, quality of products, timeliness of delivery, verification of certifications, company internal QMS systems and procedures as well as financial capability.

Vendor evaluation is requested by clients prior to registering potential vendors in their approved vendors’ lists and/or prior to issuance of an order in particular large value orders.

Vendor evaluation services include a questionnaire to be completed by vendor and vendor location visit to conduct an audit to verify various aspects of vendor business including capacity, financials, quality assurance, organization structure, processes, and performance. Based on information obtained via vendor evaluation, a vendor is scored and either approved or non-approved as one from whom to purchase materials or services once approved vendor is re-evaluated on an annual basis.

The vendor evaluation findings and concerns are communicated to the client through a detailed vendor evaluation report and ranking based on vendors performance.